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The SportsFolio Journal is our commentary on everything economic and financial. Often, our starting point is sports.  

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We are Crystal World Holdings, a sports-based finance, education, and insights company with the mission to transform society through sports.

It has been a long road for us. We can assure you that our perspective is unique.  The time has come to let you in on the journey.

Why Now?

Because there was never this much at stake; FOR YOU.

Last century was simple. One may or may not have been rich, but for quite a few, there was enough money. If not, there was always the American Dream. Either way, there was always an escape in town: sports. 

Fast forward to today. For most of us, there isn’t enough money. The American Dream is now officially a fantasy. Sports is hardly an escape nowadays; it, too, is being sucked into the system of greed.

The pendulum swung too far in the direction of cutthroat capitalism. It feels that we are largely on our own now. 

The American Dream is still possible, but we have to will it back into existence. We can find our way back into a version of capitalism that we were supposed to have all along: responsible, gentle and inclusive, but we have to earn it. There is a path out of this hole into a better life, but it is a pretty narrow one. Let us be your guide. 

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If you like sports, money, or both, especially both, The SportsFolio Journal is for you. 

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